The Power of Purpose: Transform Your Career and Your Life


Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere you want to go in life? How many recruiters and hiring managers have ghosted you and not gotten back to you after an interview you thought you did well in? How many hours have you spent scrolling through job search sites and submitting applications, yet never getting any responses? How many times do you wake in the morning and feel a sense of disappointment with your current situation?

If this sounds familiar, then it might be because of one key element most of us overlook.

The Foundation of Purpose

If you don’t have a clear vision of your purpose and what you really want to do, how can you find something that is right for you? Your sense of purpose is like the foundation of your life. It supports whatever you are doing, it gives you strength and reinforces you during tough times. Having a sense of purpose is also like having a map and compass when taking a long journey. It will serve as a guide for your actions, choices, and values when it comes to what you do and who you are associating with.

The Cost of a Purposeless Life

When you lack a sense of purpose, your life will lack a sense of direction. I know, we need to worry about our rent, mortgage, our car payment, feeding ourselves, and taking care of our children. In the midst of all this happening, it’s very easy for us to just go with what we can do and quickly neglect what it is that we actually want to do and focus on what we can do.

When we do what we can, we accept things as they are because we feel disempowered. We may feel like we are lost and just living day to day to survive. We have a lot of responsibilities; therefore, do we even have time to think about the things that we really want to do with our lives? Sadly, the answer is NO.

If you do not have a clear sense of purpose, direction, alignment to what you actually want, and specific goals to accomplish, then you run the risk of becoming a liability. HR and hiring managers are trained to spot out people who actually want the job versus those who need a job (for now) but will potentially quit early on. No one wants to hire someone who has the potential to become a quiet quitter, waste their time, resources, and even put projects in compromising positions.

Losing Our Way

How do we lose our way in life? When we lose sight of our goals, our passions, and the things we actually want to do with our lives, our sense of purpose gets lost with them. The feeling we get when we “have” to go to work the next day comes from not having a sense of purpose or living it. If we were really working a job or doing something we truly aligned with, the feeling of “I have to” go to work would be “I get to” go to work instead. We would not feel this negative feeling on Sunday night dreading the next Monday morning to come.

We would not feel this feeling of just living day-to-day and surviving, rather than “thriving.” We will not have this feeling of defeat for just accepting whatever job we can get. The idea of sitting behind a desk or in our office 8 hours a day in a place we don’t want to be is not a future anyone wants. The feeling of living life constantly watching the clock to strike 5 PM so we can rush out to the car is not how we want to live our lives. The feeling of only feeling alive during our vacations or on weekends is not how we really want to live our lives, but we do when we lack a sense of purpose.

The Transformative Power of Purpose

When you have a sense of purpose, your life will have a sense of direction. Imagine being able to clearly know what YOU want out of life and having the energy, drive, and passion to work towards it every day. Imagine waking up feeling like you know who you are, what you want, and what your value is. Imagine the idea of being passionate, motivated, and happy about what you are doing in your professional career.

How would you feel if you jumped out of bed on Monday morning and felt excited because you “get” to go to work? How would you feel if you loved your job or were excited about getting to run your own business? The first step is finding a clear sense of purpose and then the direction that supports making it your reality.

Unlocking Your Full Potential

Without finding your sense of purpose, tapping into your passion, and removing the mental and emotional blockages that are keeping you from having clarity, peace, and focus, nothing you do will really work long term. This is why simply focusing on superficial aspects like re-writing your resume or using a recruiter will not likely find you the job that you actually want. This is also why most conventional career coaching programs do not produce long-term sustainable changes. They do a lot to address the superficial and technical aspects of what you need to find a new job, but they do not help you find a new YOU.

The Career Climber Program: Your Path to Fulfillment

Why try this program? The Career Climber is going to help you recenter yourself and find out who your authentic self is again. Together we are going to work on your unconscious mind and emotional blockages that have been keeping you stuck in the same patterns and getting the same results. This program takes a holistic look at your career patterns and professional life to address the root causes of belief systems, behaviors, and habits.

Once we work together to gain a better understanding of your authentic self, we will work to uncover what YOU really want, how to direct your passions into a career and create a long-term action plan that will give you the highest likelihood of accomplishing your goals.

Your Journey to Success

We will work together to find your purpose, passions, and your authentic self. Here’s how we are going to explore what is holding you back, remove your negative belief systems, and set you on a course towards happiness and success in your career and professional life:

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques to remove mental blocks
  • We will take a holistic approach to addressing your professional life
  • You’ll be working with a coach who has 15+ years of career coaching experience
  • You’ll have access to detailed knowledge of what companies are looking for in the hiring process.
  • We will focus on finding purpose and meaning first and then basing that on your career choices and path.


Program Length: 6 months
Number of Sessions: 1 Free Discovery Session + 12 Coaching Sessions
Bi-monthly virtual coaching calls

Forming new habits does not happen overnight. Forming new habits is a process of retraining your mind, adapting to new ideas, new routines, and doing things that are outside of what you know. I pride myself in helping you get the results you want and see the changes you want to see in your life.

This is why I will commit to working with you for 6 months. We need enough time to go through the exercises, try new things, work through your challenges, and help you move forward so you can actualize the outcomes you want to see in your life.

Ready to Unleash Your Potential?

If you are ready to finally remove what has been keeping you stuck in this endless loop of the same results, then this program is for you. The Career Climber will give you:

  • More confidence
  • The ability to overcome depression and anxiety
  • Stronger mental health
  • Clarity about how to find a job you actually want and that is fulfilling
  • A roadmap on how to get paid for what brings you joy and excitement
  • The courage to finally follow your dreams
  • Clarity about yourself and what you really want in your life
  • Self-acceptance
  • Better communication skills
  • More joy and happiness


If you are finally ready to break out of old patterns, find yourself, stop wandering through life with the feeling of being lost, and finally find your purpose, then click the link below to book a free discovery call to get started. Your journey to a fulfilling career and a happier life starts now!


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