Are you looking for a long term relationship and tired of playing the dating game?

Do you keep attracting people that are just wasting your time and resources?

Are you losing hope of meeting the person of your dreams?

If you are frustrated with dating, focusing your attention on how you look and not finding people who align with you, then you may be overlooking one key piece of this puzzle.

The people you attract into your life are a direct reflection of your relationship with YOURSELF.

If you do not have a clear picture of who you are, what your values are and what is important to you, then how can you expect to attract a person who is compatible with you into your life? 

Not knowing who you are results in attracting incompatible people into your life. These people end up wasting your time, energy and attention.

This can result in you feeling:  

  • A sense of self doubt
  • A lack of self confidence 
  • Afraid to be hurt
  • On guard and fearful of things that have not happened yet 
  • Overly judgemental 
  • Jaded 
  • Depressed 
  • Not like yourself
  • Obsessed with finding a relationship 
  • Desperate 
  • Like you cannot let go of your ex 
  • Being stuck in a past relationship
  • Like you are unable to move on to something new

If these feelings persist, it can create something called” imposter syndrome”.

This happens when you constantly have low success rates in dating without knowing who you are. If you are constantly getting rejected, ghosted or not called back then it will cause you to doubt your worth as a person. This can create a sense of tension, anxiety and internal stress. When things are not going the way you want them to, you may start to question your dating partners and ask yourself things like “What’s wrong with these people?”.  After a while, you may start to turn that focus towards yourself and ask yourself things like “What’s wrong with me?”. This will cause you to lose your confidence, sense of self esteem and feel a constant sense of rejection and unworthiness.

The key piece to this puzzle is really knowing your authentic self.

Going into the dating market without knowing your authentic self and having a clear idea of what you want is like recruiting for a job that has no description. Many candidates will show up and you will spend a lot of time trying to find one that is a good fit for the job, however when you actually select one, they will have no idea what they are getting into and you will have no idea if their experiences and expertise matches what the job requires.

The same is true with dating.

If you do not know who you are, what your values are and what you really want in a partner and you date people based on superficial factors such as looks and status, when you get to know who they really are, you may find that there is a huge misalignment in values. If you do not take a look at who a person is beyond what you see on the surface, you will have no idea if their personality, lifestyle and values will match your long term relationship goals. When these things do not match, you will have a very hard time finding happiness with them in a long-term relationship. 

Therefore, if you are seeking a successful, loving and long-term relationship with someone else, it would make sense to have a good relationship with yourself first.

The Relationship Seeker is a program that teaches you how to get to know yourself, what you want and what your values are.

When you have a clear picture of who you are and can understand what you value, then it is much easier to know exactly what you want in a partner. 

Knowing what you want is key to finding what you want. So as a seasoned recruiter, I’m going to teach you how to approach dating similar to finding candidates for a position. 

I know, it sounds unconventional, but if you really think about it deeply, you will see that dating is very similar to the recruiting process. In recruiting, we are trained to attract and screen candidates for positions based on their qualifications, experiences and mindset.

During my own personal struggle with dating, I did not take this approach.

I based my interactions with people on superficial factors and I did not think about the idea of deeply questioning my values.

I spent years of my life, wasting my time and resources going on dates with incompatible people only to end up disappointed and frustrated that I was not finding what I wanted.

When I was actively dating, I would go on new dates all the time with a thought in the back of my mind. No matter who I met or how great I thought they might be, I kept thinking that there was always someone better out there. I was never satisfied and I was set on chasing that new someone without knowing who that was. What ended up happening was that I kept exhausting my chances of meeting someone who is compatible with me for a committed, long-term relationship.

After a near death experience while traveling in Bali, I returned to the USA with a new set of eyes.

This experience really made me question who I was and why I did the things I did. Although terrifying, this experience taught me a valuable lesson. It taught me about myself, showed me one of my key character flaws and made me look into my own values. 

After doing this deeper work on myself, I went back into the dating market with a new perspective and a new approach to dating. I was tired of wasting my time, attention, and energy only to not find a person who I was really compatible with on a deeper level.

I was spinning my wheels for many years and getting nowhere so I decided I had enough.

I changed my approach to dating so rather than basing my attraction to potential partners on superficial aspects, I decided to base it on core values. 

I combined my recruiting experience to develop a way of subtly “Interviewing” new dating partners based on their values. 

I saved myself a lot of time avoiding incompatible people by finding out their values early on in casual conversations. 

To my surprise, not too long after doing this I met my wife. I’ve been happily married for 2 years with a person that I share common values with.

I created this coaching program to show you how to do the same thing and go through the same process. 

The Relationship Seeker will give you a clear vision of yourself, your values and what you want in a partner.

It will also teach you how to subtly interview relationship “candidates” in a casual conversation using key questions that will let you know what their values are and if they are aligned with yours. 

This program will empower you with tools and knowledge on how to “screen” your ideal partner and how not to waste your time on people who are not a good fit for you.

Get instant access to a library of free self assessment tools to help you grow personally and professionally.

You’ll get access to the most effective self-discovery resource library available online consisting of personality, career, psychology tests, and more.

Here’s how the program works:


  • Discovery call and evaluation
  • Circle of life exercise 
  • Goal setting and targeted outcomes


  • Understanding yourself 
  • Understanding your values 
  • Learning how male / female energies work
  • Gaining clarity on what you want in relationship 
  • Finding clarity on what qualities you want your partner to share with you


  • Managing your expectations 
  • NLP Interventions
    • Bring yourself back into alignment 
    • Forgive people in your past so you can free yourself of old patterns and negative belief systems 
    • Aligning the unconscious and conscious minds


  • Accountablity 
  • Motivation, Ongoing consultations and personalized support

Program Inclusions:

  • Self-Discovery Session 
  • Circle of Life Exercise
  • Goal setting
  • Values and personality tests
  • Relationship wishlist exercise
  • NLP interventions to remove mental and emotional roadblocks 
  • Understanding needs and wants
  • Male / Female Energies
  • Mindset session
  • Ongoing accountability
  • Motivation support

program length:
6 months

number of sessions: 12

bi-weekly virtual coaching calls

Forming new habits does not happen overnight. Forming new habits is a process of retraining your mind, adapting to new ideas, new routines and doing things that are outside of what you know. I pride myself in helping you get the results you want and see the changes you want to see in your life. 

Nothing of real value comes easy. This program will push you outside your comfort zone, challenge your belief systems and require you to face parts of yourself. When you face difficult moments, you will not be alone. You will have the support of a certified coach who will help guide, keep you on track, mentor and help you find your way through hard times so you can finally see the changes you want. 

Why is this program different from what most dating coaches offer?

  • Other programs are not diving into the deeper emotional areas that are usually the root cause.
  • They are focused mostly on finding the partner but they do not start with you discovering yourself first.
  • These programs cost a lot and only generate temporary results. When the relationship doesn’t work out, you will have to start all over again, still not having a clear picture of yourself.
  • Other programs try getting info from you in your current state of mind, which is usually not very positive because you probably have some unconscious mental and emotional blockages. 
  • I start with identifying and removing the mind blocks and work with their authentic self.
  • They are simply focusing on matching profiles, and put pressure on timing. I empower you to get to know exactly what you want and need. This will allow you to seek your partner in natural settings at your own pace. 
  • Other programs do not have any focus on spirituality or the male/female energies. This program will give you a clear understanding of both energies and how they are at play within yourself and in the dynamics of your relationships.
  • Working with me will give you a chance to be heard without judgment. This creates the space for healing and the release of deep seeded emotional blockages. 

Other dating programs focus on the relationship aspects with other people, while this one is focused first on the self.

This is a personal development and clarity program that can be applied to dating, but will benefit your life in all areas. We will also explore the concept of inner energies and how they work in relationship dynamics. In addition to that, this program will also teach you about the algorithms online dating apps use that actually do not work in your favor.

With the HR interviewing skills you learn in this program, you will be able to conduct a casual interview though subtle questions that will let you know what a person’s values are. This will help save you a lot of time wasted on incompatible people.  

In addition to giving you a new skill set, this program also offers the following benefits:

  • Each set of sessions is highly customized to your specific needs
  • We will focus on the law of attraction so you understand male/female energies
  • We will explore all areas of your life and bring each part into balance 
  • We will look into the root cause of mind blocks and remove them so you can open up your heart to connections. 
  • I’ll help you get to know your authentic self so you have a clearer picture of who you really are. 
  • We will work together to find out what you really want in a partner and out of a relationship.  
  • You will learn how to attract the person you want
  • Gain confidence 
  • Change their relationship with dating so it is not a burden but serves a meaningful purpose 
  • Learn how to read red flags early in the stage

The Relationship Seeker is much more than a dating program or a way of learning how to attract a partner.

It is a process of finding out who you are, what your values are and learning how to match those with people who are possible long- term partners. This program will teach you how to not waste your time with incompatible people and connect with the compatible ones who are a better fit for you.

If you are ready to stop spending moments alone, stop wasting your time with people who do not align with your values and to find a person who can be your long term partner, then taking a new approach to dating is the only way to get new results. 

Click the button below to schedule a free (no risk, no obligation) Self-Discovery Session and start your path towards finding the love you deserve.

Program Value:

For less than the cost of a weekend out per month (dinner, drinks and activities) you can have access to a program that will empower you to attract the partner you deserve with clarity and confidence.

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