Do you suffer from back pain, shoulder tension and neck pain?

Do you spend long hours in front of your computer and find that your body hurts afterwards, yet you do not know what to do about it?

Do you find yourself talking to doctors, yet not wanting to be on daily medications for pain management?

If so, then I am here to tell you that it is very possible to heal your body and free yourself from pain through small and progressive lifestyle changes.

Your posture is a reflection of your activities.

If your daily activities require you to constantly lean forward, hold your body in unnatural positions and if you find yourself with a lot of muscle tension, then correcting your body posture is a natural, safe and effective way to fight the effects.

I know, you are stressed out, you have many things to do and a lot of responsibilities in your career and your family. You may feel that you do not have time to do extra things or add activities to your already busy schedule.

However, if you do not take the time to implement a self care system, the aches and pains you have now will only become bigger, more costly and more complicated problems later.

I can say this because I had the same problem.

Poor posture, my inability to manage my stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices led to chronic back pain. The pain was so intense that it consumed my life. I talked to doctors and I was prescribed a cocktail of pain meds to take. After doing research into the effects, I noticed that these medications were not healthy for my mind and long term health. I insisted on trying to find natural ways to heal my condition without having to rely on pain meds.

I decided to explore holistic wellness, diet, exercise, stretching and movement instead. In doing so, I discovered that my diet was causing inflammation in my body, my lifestyle was causing posture problems and I was not doing anything to actively correct it. 

I created this program to systemize the process I went through so I can share it with you in easy, practical and actionable steps that will give you the same result.

If you are suffering from:

  • Physical pain and limited mobility
  • Muscle tension, headaches, back/neck pain
  • Pain taking over your free time and draining your energy for the things that matter
  • Constant stress and the inability to be present 
  • Racing thoughts that cause low productivity and poor performance at work
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Self-sabotaging bad habits

Then this program is for YOU.

I aim to teach you how to adjust your mindsethabits and lifestyle in ways that will deal with the root cause of your pain.

We will work together to take a systemized and customized approach to removing mental blockages, implementing a healthy lifestyle, learning about your body and your specific needs and creating new routines and habits that will help alleviate your body pains, give you mental clarity and increase your quality of life.

If you are ready to:

  • Improve your physical posture 
  • Gain more self-confidence
  • Reduce your physical pain  
  • Improve your mobility and quality of life
  • Have more time, energy and mental space for yourself and loved ones
  • Improve your relationships
  • Gain mental peace and clarity  
  • Reduce your medical expenses
  • Heal yourself naturally without depending on medications 
  • Live a healthier lifestyle 
  • Reduce your risk of chronic diseases

We will work together to create a customized system that is specific to your lifestyle, your schedule and your individual needs.

We will bring your habits and lifestyle into YOUR control. You cannot control everything around you all the time, however the ONLY thing you can control is your mindset, your habits and your choices.

By taking full control over what you choose to do, where you choose to focus your energy and how you work toward the outcomes you want, you will be able to free yourself of things that are not in line with your goals.

Why Work With Me?

If you do not do anything to manage pain through making lifestyle changes to your daily habits, then you may find yourself seeking the care of a doctor for a chronic condition. When this happens, it usually means that things have gone unaddressed for way too long and now you are doing damage control and trying to fix a problem. 

Why put yourself through that later on when you can do SIMPLE things right now that will PREVENT long term physical health problems? 

There are many one-size-fits-all lifestyle programs out there, yet not many will actually be customized to your needs and your individual situation. When we work together, we will get to the root cause of why you do what you do and address the driving force behind your habits and belief systems. After we find out what those are, we will create a simple, easy-to-implement routine that fits your needs, your schedule and your unique situation.

Going to therapy and seeing a doctor is always a good option, however, your doctor won’t treat you outside of your appointment time. Your doctor will not be there to help you adjust your daily habits and your doctor will not hold you accountable to making lifestyle changes.

Real change does not happen overnight or in one appointment, it happens every day when you make the choice to do something different. As your health coach, I will work with you to ensure you are making the daily changes to your habits and routine so you will get the results and outcomes you want for your life. 

Prevention is better than a cure, and information is only as good as the situation it is applied to. There are countless informational videos and programs out there, however, without an accountability partner and someone to help you through actually making the changes you seek to make, it is very easy to revert back to your unconscious habits.

When this happens progress stops. When we work together, we will both be working for your benefit and striving to make changes in your life that are going to give you results.

How This Program Works:


  • Initial call and evaluation
  • Circle of life – self discovery exercise 
  • Goal setting and targeted outcomes


  • Time Management 
  • Energy Management 
  • Understanding Individual Needs and Wants


  • Removing emotional blockages 
  • Addressing root causes
  • Creating new habits 
  • Shifting your focus towards outcomes and results


  • Aligning the unconscious and conscious minds 
  • Accountablity

program length:
6 months

number of sessions: 12

bi-weekly virtual coaching calls

Forming new habits does not happen overnight. Forming new habits is a process of retraining your mind, adapting to new ideas, new routines and doing things that are outside of what you know. I pride myself in helping you get the results you want and see the changes you want to see in your life. 

Nothing of real value comes easy. This program will push you outside your comfort zone, challenge your belief systems and require you to face parts of yourself. When you face difficult moments, you will not be alone. You will have the support of a certified coach who will help guide, keep you on track, mentor and help you find your way through hard times so you can finally see the changes you want. 

Healing does not always have to happen in a clinic.


This program is designed to help you heal using the power of your mind when aligned with your body and intentions. Taking a holistic approach to healing means that we will not only focus on the signs and symptoms of a problem. We will find the root cause of the behavior and belief systems that are causing these symptoms. 

Without addressing the root cause, habits will always naturally come back. This is why diets are so hard to keep, why exercise routines tend to fall off and why it’s hard to stop doing things you know you want to stop doing. 

The idea can be likened to pulling weeds from a garden. If you cut the plant off at the stock, it will quickly find a way to grow back. However, if you pull it out from the root it will not grow back. The same is true when making lifestyle changes. By addressing the root cause, we will be able to finally create a system that you can actually follow without the unconscious mind getting in the way. 

When we work together to create a healthy holistic lifestyle, all areas of life improve because we address your mind and body as a whole, rather than simply focusing on the symptoms of a problem. If you commit to working with me, follow the system, are open to change and open to the idea of doing things differently, then you WILL get results that will change your life for the better. 

Body pain will be a distant memory of the past. You will have increased mental clarity, a better sense of confidence, better time management and you will finally be able to break bad habits that you have been trying to change.

Ready to get started?

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Program Value:

For less than the cost of a specialist visit per month you can have access to a program that will not only improve your posture but also implement healthy habits that last.

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