How I Decided to Become an Entrepreneur

How I Decided to Become an Entrepreneur

How I Decided to Become an Entrepreneur in the Wellness Industry!

We all have a story to tell.

Here is my story of what motivates me each day to do what I do.

At the age of 35, I found myself in a midlife crisis which made me feel very disempowered. My life was lacking direction and a sense of purpose. My diet was triggering chronic inflammation; I was working prolonged hours in front of a screen with poor posture that was causing lower back pain; my dating life was miserable; and any minor economic slowdowns disrupted my recruiting career.

I had enough of this and wanted to take control of my life and health. After I was laid off for the second time in my career, I started working intensely on my mindset, lifestyle and nutrition. The more self-awareness I created for myself, the closer I got to my big WHY. In a short amount of time, not only did I go pain free and regained my health back, but also I found my partner whom I’m happily married to, and also established a reliable, recession-proof career.

Connecting to my authentic self gave me a clear vision of how to balance my life in a holistic way.

Since then, I’ve been witnessing a significant amount of corporate employees battling with the consequences of poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and a victimized mindset. Knowing how painful it can be to live with the consequences of poor choices while they are simply avoidable inspired me to establish BeYu Wellness to transform one life at a time by utilizing the power of coaching.

Coaching allows me to carry out my mission by helping busy professionals who are attempting to achieve one or more of the following wellness goals that I have personally mastered:

  • Lose weight and boost their confidence
  • Reduce inflammation and get less sick
  • Implement healthy habits and live pain-free
  • Establish or strengthen a relationship
  • Reduce stress, depression or anxiety
  • Find their purpose and start a fulfilling career

Life is all about the choices we make and you’ll learn to make wiser decisions when you are tuned in to your authentic self. The course of your story will be determined by the choices you make starting today.

What motivates YOU each day to do what you do? Share your comments below!


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