5 strategies that helped me break free from self-doubt


Perception vs. Reality: How Your Mindset Shapes Your World

Have you ever found yourself caught in a web of self-doubt and confusion, while others seem to effortlessly find success, leaving you wondering about your own path? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. My life felt like a plane going though turbulence, and my thoughts were so clouded that I began to experience anxiety due to the uncertainty of my life’s direction. In this article, we will explore how the journey to self-assurance and clarity begins with understanding the profound relationship between mindset and perception. Additionally, I will share five strategies that helped me transform my mindset to achieve a more positive perception.

Understanding the Power of Mindset

A mindset is a collection of beliefs, attitudes, and thought patterns that shape the way we view and interpret the world around us. It serves as a mental filter through which we process information, events, and experiences. Positive and growth-oriented mindsets tend to foster a more optimistic outlook, while negative and fixed mindsets can lead to a more pessimistic perspective.

Perception: The Lens Through Which We See the World

Perception is the brain’s interpretation of sensory information. It involves not just seeing and hearing but also understanding and making meaning out of the information we receive. Our mindset significantly influences this process. Here’s how:

  • How Your Mindset Shapes What You Notice: People with different mindsets may focus on different aspects of a situation. For example, a person with a growth mindset may see challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, while someone with a fixed mindset may perceive the same challenges as threats or obstacles.
  • How Your Beliefs Influence Your Interpretation: Our mindset can lead us to seek out and interpret information that aligns with our pre-existing beliefs. This confirmation bias can reinforce our current mindset, making it challenging to change our perception of reality.
  • The Link Between Mindset and Emotions: Our mindset also influences the emotions we attach to specific experiences. A positive mindset may lead to more positive emotions and interpretations of events, while a negative mindset can lead to heightened anxiety, stress, and a generally negative perception of reality.

Altering Your Mindset for a Better Perception - 5 Strategies

The good news is that your mindset isn’t set in stone. You have the power to change it and, in turn, alter your perception of reality. Here are five strategies that have personally helped me break free from self-doubt and lack of clarity:

1) Embrace Self-Awareness

I explored various avenues of self-awareness, from personality tests to astrologists and The Human Design, but what truly made a difference was the core values assessment. Understanding my identity helped me break free from old beliefs and gain clarity about who I truly am.

2) Nurture a Growth Mindset

Embracing the belief that I can learn, grow, and adapt completely transformed my perspective. A growth mindset encourages us to view challenges as opportunities and setbacks as stepping stones toward success. My inherent curiosity fueled my eagerness for learning and exploration, ultimately boosting my self-confidence.

3) Mastering Emotional Intelligence

During leadership trainings, I discovered the power of emotional intelligence. Using The Wheel of Emotions, I learned to identify and categorize my feelings, enabling me to navigate them more effectively. Mindfulness and meditation practices further heightened my awareness of my thoughts and emotions, helping me evaluate them objectively.


4) The Power of Positive Affirmations

While initially skeptical, I experimented with positive affirmations and was astounded by the results. Delving into the science of the mind, I became a trained NLP practitioner and studied neuroscience to understand how the mind operates. Positive affirmations countered negative thought patterns and replaced them with empowering beliefs.

5) Creating a Positive Support Network

I surrounded myself with individuals who radiated positivity. Their contagious outlook on life helped me reshape my perception. Additionally, I curated my social media content, ensuring that I wasn’t constantly exposed to negativity.

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In conclusion, altering your mindset can lead to a profound transformation in your perception of the world. When you shift from self-doubt and lack of clarity to a positive mindset, you unlock doors to happiness and self-confidence. 

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