3 Reminders for a Healthy Holiday Season!

3 Reminders for a Healthy Holiday Season!

3 Reminders for a Healthy Holiday Season!


At BeYu Wellness, we believe that well-being is the highest form of gratitude – both towards yourself and others! Thus, we want to express our gratitude to you by sharing 3 reminders that can help you maintain your health during the holiday season and beyond.


As you start to prepare some of your family’s favorite recipes or attend more holiday parties, it’s important to think about what you put into your body – and how these inputs may impact your gut and overall health.



As our main input, we’ll be tempted by a variety of savory side dishes and sweets – many of which are processed. While everyone deserves to indulge a bit, consuming too much can decrease the amount of good bacteria in your gut while increasing digestive issues like gas and bloating.


Alcohol Consumption: 

As your social calendar fills up, you may be tempted to drink more during the week, which can lead to dehydration, constipation, or some abdominal discomfort due to inflammation.



Between holiday travel, lack of exercise and sleep disruptions (especially change in time zones), our gut can get confused, leading to digestive discomfort and changes in bowel motility.


We hope you can prioritize your health throughout the holidays and let us know if you need additional support.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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